Lewis Hine the Eye of Migrants of the New World

This American photographer, born in 1874 and dead in 1940, became famous thanks to his desire to reveal the real face of Migrants come in the new Country of Hope called America. Travelling in some difficult conditions, this people from Italy for the major part of them, were going to there in the dream of a better life. 

You could see families in dirty clothes, climbing the stairs of Ellis Island, holding in their hands some packets in poor conditions. Sometimes, there was only lonely child sent by their desperate Mother or family wanting them to have a good life than they had. 

Mr Hine was the first to realize that should be captured. At the beginning it was not dedicated to be what it is today, like a kind of documentary and art. It was a kind of desire of sensibilisation added to his will to show the demonstration power of the photographer. He wanted this pictures to be presented at conferences and galleries.

  » If I could tell a story with words, I was not walking around with my camera « , he wrote.  

His first picture was shown at Henri Cartier-Bresson Fondation  in Paris wich devoted the reputation of Mr Hine as the Eye from this News Comers. After the WWW Ist, he climbed the Empire State Building always with his camera to immortalize all this man working there which brings us those so famous pictures from the top of the Empire.

Since his death, all his work is preserved at the MoMA ( Museum of Modern Art in New-York ).

But the moment, the pictures are in Paris until 18th December at the same Henri Cartier-Bresson, 2 Impasse Lebouis, Paris 75014. 

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