Boys Fashionista Bisou Bisou

Since Man is allowed to express his own sense of fashion, he knew all the differents codes and tried how to use them. With the evolution of men very popular with their styles, a new kind of men ( bloggers, stars, designers, or just social life … or not ) use a new mean of fashion to express themselves. This Fashionisto are what I call Boy Fashionista Bisou Bisou, I explain. First they are men ( it is obvious I think…. ), secondly they look androgynous in their physical constitution ( as Andrej Peijic … ) if they are not anyway they have a style mixing both of the man and woman one in their outfits and Bisou Bisou just for the fantasy of them. 

We can see them in all fashion events, parties, gala ( yeah sometimes yeah ! ). But the place where you could be sure that you will find at least one of this man is during the fashion weeks. Invited or not, he will be the first in front of the door of tha caltwalk, trying to charm the watchman, asking if he can have this place in the front row…. Bill Kaulitz from Tokyo Hotel ( a german rock group very famous 3 years ago… ), a French social life called Vincent McDoom ( made fun of his appearence and behavior ) are knewn for their style very iconic. And there is some boys from street style which shows us the new tendance of Fashion Boys Lovers. 

There are two kind of style for this style. Either you can add on your style some details or some accessories from woman wear, instance a boy I saw during the Fashion Night Out wore a white tee-shirt with little jacket with shoulder pad composed of feather, a silver slim with a leather an metal belt and to finish black and golden stiletto. He accessorized himself with a black make-up, and a very famous Rihanna hairstyle ( you know the one with a fringe ) and a black sunglasses. Or you can wear an all woman wear but the only thing which go to remind to everybody that you are a boy is your head. 

The most famous boy in this style is Bryan Boy, known as a fashion blogger he also works as a stylist and sometimes journalist. I can say that he is the Gaga Boy artist in the fashion excentric industry.  » To all my haters, I love you  » that is what we can read in one of his famous picture, dressed up in the all pretty little shining women wear. But there is not only him in the crazy outfits…

A black boy from ( Africa ) Denmark, called Jean-Paul Paula, working as photo stylist, does the crush when he has been photographed by the blogger Tommy Ton, wearing a futurist-mask eyewear from Margiela and a veste trouvée au fond d’une friperie, on the way to Gareth Pugh show ( without any invitation ). I asked him some questions and this is what he told me….. 

Young Lington : How and when did you find your style in the way to dress with the both man and woman clothes ?
Jean Paul Paula : For me there was no sense in not mixing woman’s with mens wear as my body allows me to wear both. I don’t believe clothes should be made for man or woman but only for who can wear them… I have mixed mens and woman’s clothing for as long as i can remember dressing
myself and will continue to do so… 

Y.L. : Do you wear yourself like a woman alter ego you would like her to ?

J. P. P. : I don’t see dressing up or wearing an outfit that is almost all womans clothing as dressing up as a certain female alter ego and if we ever meet you will find out that i dont have a high voice or feel like i want to become a woman i am just a lover of fashion.

Y.L. : What is your inspiration ?

J. P. P. : I gather my inspiration from a lot of differents places from movies and music, from ideas and words spoken and off course legends in both music film and art… i love the stories of old french fashion houses. I love Grance Jones Cristobal, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel…. my list goes on. I love distortion and recreation of the body. I hope i have answered your question like this.

( Of course…. )


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